What is puppy quality?

Normally we has Standard and Pet Quality of the puppies. But there some more Qualities – Show Quality and Breeding Quality.

So lets look what is it mean.

Standard Quality

Rhodesian Ridgeback of cource has Breed Standard where written What dog of these breed need has and what can’t. So Standard Quality mean that these puppy not has any breed faults what is written in Breed Standard.

Standard quality not mean Show/Breeding Quality! Remember it when you looking on 8 weeks puppy. It is always risk when you taking puppy in 8 weeks or 4 months and you dream about showing or breeding!

Pet Quality 

There are several cosmetic issues that automatically remove a newborn Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy from Standard Quality. None of them have any impact on the dog’s health or lovability.

  • Ridge faults (ridgeless, multicrowns, 1 crown, offset, short ridge)
  • Too much white marks on body (for example, a white “sock” on the front leg that ending upper then 5 finger)
  • Black color of coat
  • Kinky tail
  • Dermoid sinus
  • Wrong bite
  • Cryptorchism

You need understand that even if you looking on a puppy for just family it is not mean that you need take exactly Pet Quality puppy. Every puppy deserve on Best home! And they all want be Super Family Members! No mater on quality!

And now is the most interesting qualities.

Show Quality and Breeding Quality

I not has puppies with breeding or show quality. I has standard and pet quality puppies.

Why i has only standard and pet quality puppies? Because to me not possible do prognosis in age of 8 weeks or 4 months. Puppies are changed with age. Temper is changed with age. And of course important health checking in 2 years.

For me, the combination of words “show dog” or “breeding dog” means complex breeder + owner + dog – the great work of the breeder + the huge work of the owner + the incredible makings of a puppy. In the combination of words “the huge work of the owner” for me – the right feeding, the right vitamins, the right growth, the right socialization, the right education, and the right training in the future. Also clean tests that must be passed in 2 years (Dysplasia, elbows, back, temperament …)

So i never sell breeding or show quality puppies and never give prognosis. Because it take so long time from 8 weeks till 2 years and even 1 mistake can do dog with “big perspective” into “pet quality”.

But i know that some kennels do it.

In my opinion kennels what can give you these guaranties with 8 week puppy or even 4 month puppy lie! They are not God and can’t know everything! Not right growing puppies, wrong feeding, traumas, bad socialization and like a reason wrong temper… It is all can change promissing puppy on not promissing. And i never will trust to breeder who can say on 8 weeks puppy or 4 months puppy that he/she is super for breeding in future!!

When people ask me “we want show/breeding puppy” my answer will be “you need look in another kennel”. To me puppy with show/breeding perspectives mean:

  • puppy has age 6-9 month or even more
  • puppy has all genetick tests (JME, Dilution, Hemophilia, DM…)
  • puppy has “not official” x-rays and how minimum vet already say about Hd, Ed perspectives
  • puppy has some show marks from famous judged
  • puppy teeth already changed
  • in male both testiculard already get out and fixed in these position
  • VERY important is temper of the puppy!

And, of course, the price on these type of puppy quality is very big!!! But only with these qualities i can say that puppy has show/breeding quality!

Now i think you more understand in Qualities of Rhodesian Ridgeback! But i always open to speak and answer on many questions!

Hanna Dymytrova-Kaihila

Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel from 2009

“Maanhaar Primo-Creatus”