How i feed my pregnant females

These is very important page. Because mom’s health = puppies health. So right feeding mom in pregnancy time and after birth mean a lot in my kennel.

Normally i feed all my dogs Royal Canin food. And i continue use these brend for pregnant females, mom’s and my puppies.

Just after mating i start give to future mom folic acid.

High maternal folic acid intake in the preconceptual period and early pregnancy greatly reduces the incidence of dermoid sinus in Rhodesian Ridgebacks just as it reduces the risk of related conditions in man.

In first week after mating i start give Raspberry Leaf. I find brend Animal Health from England and i order it from their main office.

Raspberry leaf provide symptomatic relief of problems associated with whelping and hey help in the prevention of pseudo-pregnancies in dogs and cats. The raspberry leaft tones the smooth muscle such as the uterus and helps to ensure a straightforward delivery

When future mom’s go in second part of pregnancy (after 30 days) i start give special food for pregnant females. Royal Canin HT42D Large Dog 

Is your dog pregnant or in heat? Then it is especially important to support her with a good diet. Royal Canin HT42D Large Dog – Dog Food is specially formulated for pregnant and lactating bitches with an adult body weight starting at 10 kg. This dog food gives your dog just a little extra support during the first stage of the reproductive cycle. This phase consists of the 1st day of heat up to, and including, the 42nd day of gestation. This dog food ensures that your dog gets the right amount of energy and that the digestion is supported. Furthermore, these chunks contain delicious aromas, which will certainly make your dog love it!

In 10 days before birth and 10 days after birth i give special vitamins from Animal Health Easy Whelp. 

Many problems can be encountered both at and after whelping including: Eclampsia, Mastitis, Metritis, Puppy mortality (fading puppy syndrome), Prolonged whelping, Bacterial diseases and many more

If whelping is slowed down, infection of the uterus is more likely to occur and increases the risk of still-births and weak puppies.

If we were able to encourage the ideal whelping, the following would be of high priority:

1) More rapid whelping. 2) Less disease. 3) Higher percentage of strong, viable puppies. 4) A less excitable/restless bitch-more settles and keen to feed and accept her puppies. 5) Rapid uterine recovery after whelping-less metritis, less discharge and more time for the uterus to ‘clean up’ Easy-Whelp is a feed supplement to aid normal whelping and lactation in bitches and to increase puppy viability.

It is a complete 20 day course which is added to the bitches’ feed 10 days before expected whelping and continued for 10 days after whelping. Easy-Whelp includes a very specific form of calcium which is the most readily available source of calcium by mouth.

After female birth puppies her food changed on Royal Canin Maxi Starter Mother and Babydog

Complete feed for dogs – For the large breed bitch (from 26 to 44 kg) and her puppies: bitch at the end of gestation and during lactation – Weaning puppies up to 2 months old.

These is main food what i normally give to my females after mating and during all pregnancy. But it is no all what get my females. I give meat, milk products (Kefir, Quark, Yogurt…), Quail eggs, vegetables, fruits, berries… Some females has strong toxicosis during pregnancy and they want eat something special and i always try find what exactly female want eat.

These is very important page. Because mom’s health = puppies health. So right feeding mom in...   Continue
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