Deposit and payments

Reservation on puppies open only after puppies are born.

You can’t make reservation special puppy. You can reserve only puppy. But what puppy it will be possible to say only after 7-8 weeks. I not give choose puppies till these age because of many reasons! And you need agree these rule! But it is different with pet quality puppies.

Payments are divided into 4 sections: Booking Fee, remaining Puppy Price, hotel price and Shipping costs.

Puppy Total Price of 8 week puppy is 2000 Euro plus Shipping.

The booking fee will be 500 Euros.

Puppies will only be considered booked after receiving the Reservation Fee. The deposit is refundable only if we cannot provide you a puppy for whatever reason.

8 weeks–4 months Hotel Price is 350 Euro/1 month or 12 Euro/day. Hotel including food, training, socialization in city and so on.

Shipping Price – We ship worldwide, quotation will vary from country to country and will respect all local legal conditions.

New owner should pay the booking fee (500 euros) as soon as he decides to reserve a puppy, the remaining amount should be paid maximum at the age of 8 weeks and shipping should be paid maximum 4 week before departure.