What do you get with a puppy?

The puppy will be registered to the Finnish Kennel Club (FCI), microchipped, de-wormed (2, 4, 6 weeks) and checked by a vet (8 weeks).

The puppy package including:

  • Contract
  • Take-over document of the puppy
  • FCI Pedigree, card with the dog’s origin
  • EUROPASPORT / The dog’s International vaccination card
  • Printed parents information (pedigree, health certificates, Champions diplomas)
  • Infromation about whole the litter, its development, and possible problems which occurred in the litter
  • Information about the parents and the litters which they come from, and possible problems which occurred with them or in the litter they come from
  • Breed standard of Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Free membership of Finnish RR Club for the rest of the calendar year (does not apply to people who are already members or live not in Finland)
  • Information about following vaccinations and parasite disposal of the puppy
  • Information about the puppy’s training and nutrition, with the menu and the schedule of feeding
  • basic equipment for the puppy: a toy and a chewing bone, a dog-collar and leash, show leash, a set of a bag and little lair, granules for the first days in new home and for the journey: dry treats, blanket and a toy with the smell of the mother and siblings

Our care doesn’t end with the leaving of the puppy. We are staying in contact with the new puppy’s masters and we are ready to give an advisory opinion in any sphere related to dogs or help 24 hours a day.