Our owners are

So what family i looking to my puppies?

Of course the most important is that you provide a loving home and a position as a family member to my puppy! But i will be very happy to has active family with show ambitions to my puppies. Showing, field tracking, lure coursing obedience, agility, dog dansing and so on! Ridgeback will be always happy not just lay down on sofa.

I looking on family witch has enough time for right socializing the puppy! For right training the puppy! New family need has time for walking long with puppy and walking not just in forest/fields but in city and has trips for socialization.

Also i asking all puppies to pass official health checks (hips, elbows, shoulders and spine), temperament test and some standard Laboklin tests for breed. And these i ask to do for all puppies and no mater puppy is pet quality or standard. It is important to me like a breeder!

Family for my puppy need agree that puppy will be on all sofas, beds.

New family need guarantee that my puppy will live in house, not in kennels outside. That my puppy will has a full freedom inside.

Puppy is very active till 2-3 years, so the new family should have great patience with all the tricks of the puppy. And always control what the puppy does inside and outside.

New family guarantee be with breeder in contact in all questions! It is mean that if you has any question in any time of the day you need first contact me and then if my answer will be not full enough you can ask forums, facebook and so on! But normally my unswers are enought on all questions about growing, health and so on because i has special cynology and veterian education!

Men have forgotten this truth,” said the fox.
But you must not forget it.
You become responsibleforeverfor what you have tamed.

“The Little Prince” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Remember about these always!!!

I am searching for owners who will cherish the pure value of my puppies and breeder’s approach. We choose for every puppy the proper owner in accordance to talents of each pup. We don’t trust our puppy to any interested person.

So if you are ready, welcome in my Big and Friendly kennel family!!

Hanna Dymytrova-Kaihila

Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel from 2009

“Maanhaar Primo-Creatus”