What is a deposit?

What does making a deposit mean? Is that the same thing as a reservation fee? How do you decide who gets which puppy?

A deposit and a reservation fee is basically the same thing, it is non-refundable. Your order in the puppy allocation will be based on when your reservation fee is received. This reservation fee doesn’t lock in which exact puppy you get- only the opportunity to have one of these puppies.

I might hold back 1 or 2 puppies in each litter as possible breeders so I always get first pick. I make my decision on which puppy I will keep after they have their “aptitude” tested at 7 weeks old and have their structure evaluation completed at 8 weeks old. I know waiting until the puppies are 8 weeks to know which puppy you will get makes it a little tough for people that really want a certain color or gender. From my experience, I prefer to place puppies based on personalities that will fit best with each family rather than just by color or gender. Having a good fit personality wise will mean much more in the long run than the puppy color. But I still let you decide which puppy you want along with my recommendation.

In summary, the breeder always gets first pick. The rest of the puppies are picked in the order of deposit received. I will give my suggestion on which puppies would be best based on each puppy’s personality, but the final decision is always up to you.

Is the reservation fee refundable?

Reservation fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

How much is the non-refundable reservation fee?

The non-refundable reservation fee is 500 EURO. This amount is subtracted from the total cost of the puppy.

How can I pay a reservation fee?

Before making paying a reservation fee, you must submit a puppy application and then be approved for a puppy.

Why am I asking for non-refundable deposits?

Being a responsible dog breeder requires careful planning, a huge time commitment, and major financial investments. Non-refundable deposits support breeders with all of these things.

Non-refundable deposits assure breeders that they have buyers for their beloved pups, protect these investments in time and money, and in some cases, may help cover these upfront costs for breeders.

Why are deposits important?

Non-refundable deposits also serve as a screening tool for breeders to use when evaluating potential puppy buyers. Payment of a non-refundable deposit indicates to a breeder that a potential buyer is serious and not just “window-shopping,” putting their names down on a waitlist or multiple waitlists without any intention of actually getting a puppy. Buyers who are willing to pay non-refundable deposits are typically buyers who believe they have found the right breeder for them and are committed to following through with purchasing a puppy. This means that non-refundable deposits protect breeders from a situation where a buyer backs out after a litter is born and a breeder must then dedicate unexpected time and energy finding new homes, while also caring for the remaining pups.

Finally, it can be scary and stressful for a breeder to believe all the pups in her litter are committed to great homes, only to find out at the last minute that one of her puppy buyers has backed out. Suddenly, the breeder is faced with unexpected and time-sensitive demands. Many puppy buyers have a strong preference for younger puppies and so, depending on the timing, the breeder likely needs to find a suitable replacement home quickly. In addition, the remaining puppy requires timely socialization, development, vaccinations and other care that the breeder hadn’t planned for. This unexpected addition of a puppy to the breeder’s family may not be something the breeder is in a position to handle easily – either from a cost, time or logistical perspective. Non-refundable deposits reduce the risk of this happening to a breeder and, if it does, help offset the unexpected expenses.

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Let me say a few words to you, yes you, the person who writes an email to simply ask the price. The person who calls and after hearing a price surprisingly states: “I can buy a cheaper pup elsewhere”. I also address you; the person who doesn’t care about papers because I want “just a pet”.

No dog is “just a pet”.

Behind every pure bred puppy/dog is a BREEDER. I’m using capital letters to differentiate a breeder from a pet factory or mill. A reputable breeder does not breed dogs without papers, that does not protect the integrity of the breed. Registration (papers) are records of lineage that document bloodline and allow one to research any possible health issues present in the lineage. When you tell a Breeder you don’t care about papers what you’re really telling them is you couldn’t care less about the health of the puppy you just want the cheapest thing you can find! When you select to buy a puppy from a reputable and quality breeder, this breeder is responsible for the health of every pup ; both dogs owned and every pup they’ve sold for its lifetime. This breeder will skip holidays, miss sleeping, and most of their personal house space has been turned into space for their dogs . The truly passionate breeder who loves what they breed, puts their whole heart and soul into it. Not only in puppies that are sold, but also in each client who owns a piece of their heart and now is a member of their extended family. This does not take into account any puppy/dog who might get sick or need extra help to thrive. Breeders worry about their babies after they leave and will take one back without question.

A breeder will get their hands dirty, often covered in everything accompanied with birthing. Because that’s what life is about…In the middle of birth and death is life. The wheel that keeps turning. A breeder will do tests, x-rays, analysis, emergency c sections, vaccinations, register litters, research pedigrees, de-worm and get them evaluated by specialists.

Last but by no means least, a breeder CHOOSES the family lucky enough to have one of their puppies. Yes, you read that right. A true breeder chooses who they sell to because they are not making money off the sale. There is no compensation that can offset the investment a Breeder has made so they need to be confident its the right fit. Many times saying more no’s then yes…A good Breeder will have different criteria for those wanting to carry on their bloodline, why? Because breeding is not a responsibility to ever be taken lightly, it’s a lifestyle choice set aside for ONLY the few devoted people willing to sacrifice.

Because a dog is never “just a pet” it’s the Breeder’s legacy, a little boy’s best friend, a little girls protector, an elderly persons therapy, a member of the family, someone’s whole world!!!

Written in part by: Sr. Eduardo Loredo Muller
Translated into English by: Angel Sophia Nogga
Modified for dogs by: Amber French

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Questionnaire to puppy buyers

Please answer on all questions.

Your full name *

Your full home address (with zip code) *

Your phone number (international) *

Your email *

Where you find Maanhaar Primo-Creatus kennel? *

Why you chose Maanhaar Primo-Creatus kennel? *

Why have you decided to buy a Rhodesian Ridgeback? *

How did you hear about this breed? *

What reference materials have you read about Rhodesian Ridgeback? Books or links. *

Have you seen Ridgeback live? Where? Have you been in contact with Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs? *

Do you know this breed has a specific character? *

Do you live in a house or apartment, (if you rent a letter from your landlord will be required stating the dog will be allowed in your home). *

How big your house/flat? *

How long have you lived at this address? Do you plan change house in time? *

Is your yard completely fenced with secure fencing, if not, would you be willing to do so prior to bringing the puppy home? *

What type of fence and how high is it? *

How big is your yard? *

What kind of floor surfaces will the dog be on in the house? *

Please describe your family. *

Number of people, age of children. *

Employment schedule for each family member. *

Is there usually someone at home during the day? *

How much time per day will the puppy be alone? *

How much time during the day can you spend with your dog? *

Do you have enough free time for long walks with your puppy? *

Do all family members agree with buying a new puppy? *

Does everyone agree to help in growing and educating? *

Do any members of your family have any types of allergies? *

What breeds of dogs have you owned in the past? *

Tell me about your current pets. Please list all pets that are currently living in your household. Include the breed (if a dog) and ages. *

Are these other pets neutered? *

What sex are these pets? *

How long did your last pet live? *

What were the circumstances of its' death? *

Why you prefer female/male? *

Tell me please what is your vision about your life with a RR. *

Will your life change with the arrival of the Ridgeback? *

What sort of socialization / training do you intend to give your puppy to ensure it grows up with good manners? *

Is there any obedience classes held in your area that you would be willing to attend? *

What activities do you plan to be involved in with your RR? Walking in the woods, skiing, swimming, traveling, other? *

What type of activity level do you prefer in a dog? Very High / High / Moderately High / Moderate / Low *

Are you interested in the following - Family Pet/Companion Dog / Showing / Obedience and/or Performance Events / Plan to Breed / Something else? *

Imagine the approximate daily routine of your Rhodesian Ridgeback. *

How many hours a day will the puppy be kept outside? *

Will you be crating your puppy when he/she is home alone? *

Where will the puppy be kept while you are away from home? *

Where will the puppy be sleeping at night? *

When you are away on family vacations, who will look after the dog? *

What kind of feeding do you use, or plan use for your RR? *

Are you financially prepared for not only the cost of a puppy, but to have a veterinarian, feed your puppy the best dog food, obedience or show classes, emergency surgeries, etc.) *

If you have bought other puppies please list from whom they were purchased and could these breeders be used as a reference? *

Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder? If so, what were the circumstances? *

Have you ever given a pet away? If so, what were the circumstances? *

If your life situation changes and you have to give away a puppy, will you listen to the breeder? Will you return the puppy to the breeder to find a new home? *

Do you understand that a breeder cannot guarantee the complete health of a puppy in adulthood? Even considering healthy parents. *

Do you understand that insurance from 4 months will save you from unnecessary payments if the puppy has hidden diseases? *

Do you agree to trust the breeder? Listen to the breeder and his recommendations? Even if your veterinarian or someone else recommends the exact opposite? *

Are you willing to contact the breeder for any reason and with any questions? At any time of the day or night. *

Do you agree to pass all breed tests for a puppy at 24 months? There are many. It is important for my statistics, for the statistics of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Finland, and it should be important for you as well. *

If you have any additional questions to me?

Please answer on all questions.
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Deposit and payments

Reservation on puppies open only after puppies are born.

You can’t make reservation special puppy. You can reserve only puppy. But what puppy it will be possible to say only after 7-8 weeks. I not give choose puppies till these age because of many reasons! And you need agree these rule! But it is different with pet quality puppies.

Payments are divided into 4 sections: Booking Fee, remaining Puppy Price, hotel price and Shipping costs.

Puppy Total Price of 8 week puppy is 2000 Euro plus Shipping.

The booking fee will be 500 Euros.

Puppies will only be considered booked after receiving the Reservation Fee. The deposit is refundable only if we cannot provide you a puppy for whatever reason.

8 weeks–4 months Hotel Price is 350 Euro/1 month or 12 Euro/day. Hotel including food, training, socialization in city and so on.

Shipping Price – We ship worldwide, quotation will vary from country to country and will respect all local legal conditions.

New owner should pay the booking fee (500 euros) as soon as he decides to reserve a puppy, the remaining amount should be paid maximum at the age of 8 weeks and shipping should be paid maximum 4 week before departure.

Reservation on puppies open only after puppies are born. You can’t make reservation special puppy. You...   Continue
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How to reserve puppy?

To be on a puppy waiting list from my kennel I like you to complete the enclosed  prospective owner questionnaire (english only now)  It provides me with some information about yourself and your family and tells me what you would like to see in your new puppy.

Once I have your application I’ll get back to you about the waiting lists, puppy deposits and a possible for a visit to my place to se my dogs and the puppies.

If the sire or I choose to keep a puppy, then we will wait until after 7-8 weeks to make that pick, meaning the majority of folks will have to wait until after that to make their pick. Puppy choosing is typically handled ROUGHLY by order of deposits placed, although this often varies based on me trying to accommodate everyone.

I reserve the right to adjust order or assign puppies based on the information I have on file about potential owners. YOU MUST ACCEPT THIS prior to placing a deposit.

This quote very well describes some of the nuances of choosing a puppy by the owners and my priorities in choosing the owners.

Author Ruffly Speaking

PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT TO CHOOSE YOUR PUPPY. This one drives puppy buyers CRAZY. I know this, trust me. I have a lot of sympathy because I’ve been there. But the fact is that when you come into my house and look at the eight-week-old puppies and one comes up and tugs on your pant leg and you look at me, enraptured, and say “THIS IS IT! He chose ME,” I’ve been looking at people coming into the house all week, and every single time this same puppy has come up and tugged at them and every single one of them have said to me “THIS IS IT!”

What you are seeing is not reality. You are seeing the most outgoing puppy, or you’ve fallen in love with the one that has the most white, or the one that has a different look from the rest of the litter (when I had one blue girl puppy in a litter of black boys, every human that came in the house wanted her; when I had one black girl puppy in a litter of blue boys everyone kept talking about how much they loved HER), or the one that’s been (accidentally) featured the most in the pictures I’ve posted. Or, sometimes, you have a very good instinctive eye and you’re picking the puppy that’s the best put together of the litter. And that puppy, of course, is mine, and you’re going to have to pry him out of my cold dead hands.

My responsibility is not to make you happy. And that, dear friends, is why I am posting this now, and not when I have a bunch of actual puppy buyers around :D. But it’s the truth. My responsibility is to the BREED first. That’s why my first priority in placing puppies is the show owners, because they are the ones that will (if all goes well) use this dog to keep the breed going. It’s not that I like them better than I like you; it’s that I have to be extremely careful who I place with them so that they can make breeding decisions with the very best genetic material I can hand them. My second responsibility is to the PUPPY. I will place each puppy where I feel that it has the best chance of success and the optimal environment to thrive.

So while I do care, and I will try to take your preferences into account, do not expect to walk into my living room and put your hand in the box and pick whatever puppy you want. And do not expect to be given priority pick because you contacted me first; conversely, do not expect that because you came along late you somehow won’t get a good puppy. Sometimes the person who calls me when the puppies are seven and a half weeks old ends up with what I’d consider the “pick” for various reasons (sometimes because somebody called me up and said they’d gotten a puppy from someone else; see rule 4 above). I am going to try to do my absolute best to match puppies to owners as objectively as I can, not according to who called first.


To be on a puppy waiting list from my kennel I like you to complete the...   Continue
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Visiting us

Firs visit for the further owners we allow when the puppies are at least 3 weeks old. Time between 4th and 8th week puppies use for exploring the “world”. Puppies, under surveillance of their mother and other members of the kennel, are getting to know the rush not only in household and on the yard, but also on individual and collectively walks (vacuum cleaner, mixer, car horn, water, differently dressed people, little children, cry, rain, storms, bangers, shooting…).

I take that as the most important part of the raising, for them not to be coy and sensitive, have positive attitude to children and react well in various life situations.

In this stage we are starting with exhibition training with all puppies with show leashes. With every day’s few-minute training we fix showing habits – leash, what will help in future in training with handler.

With individual walks of every single puppy in supervision of his mother we ensure habit of collar and leash. The presence of his mother eliminates natural fear of open space (meadow) as well as of closed rooms (tunnel), scents and sounds.
With special tools (obstacles) on the yard or during the walks, We are trying to develop abilities to think independently.

Of course, this is really time-consuming, but the truth is that the puppies that are socialized in this way will not have any problems with fitting into their homes or coping with any new and stressing situation in their lives. They will also be better prepared for development of their working skills in their maturity. They will have good basics and all the prerequisites to grow into mentally well-balanced dogs!!!

Firs visit for the further owners we allow when the puppies are at least 3 weeks...   Continue
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