Visiting us

Firs visit for the further owners we allow when the puppies are at least 3 weeks old. Time between 4th and 8th week puppies use for exploring the “world”. Puppies, under surveillance of their mother and other members of the kennel, are getting to know the rush not only in household and on the yard, but also on individual and collectively walks (vacuum cleaner, mixer, car horn, water, differently dressed people, little children, cry, rain, storms, bangers, shooting…).

I take that as the most important part of the raising, for them not to be coy and sensitive, have positive attitude to children and react well in various life situations.

In this stage we are starting with exhibition training with all puppies with show leashes. With every day’s few-minute training we fix showing habits – leash, what will help in future in training with handler.

With individual walks of every single puppy in supervision of his mother we ensure habit of collar and leash. The presence of his mother eliminates natural fear of open space (meadow) as well as of closed rooms (tunnel), scents and sounds.
With special tools (obstacles) on the yard or during the walks, We are trying to develop abilities to think independently.

Of course, this is really time-consuming, but the truth is that the puppies that are socialized in this way will not have any problems with fitting into their homes or coping with any new and stressing situation in their lives. They will also be better prepared for development of their working skills in their maturity. They will have good basics and all the prerequisites to grow into mentally well-balanced dogs!!!