History or why i dreamed about Rhodesian Ridgeback


Welcome to my page dedicated to the Rhodesian Ridgeback! My name is Hanna, and my foundation ridgeback’s name is Podarok iz Afriki Oriel Valeri.

I will tell you a little history …

When a very long time ago, when I was a little child, my parents went on a business trip to Denmark, Copenhagen, and took me with them. I do not remember well the whole trip, but there was one very important thing which I remember very clearly. I remember what changed my life – it was a Rhodesian Ridgeback!!

We went to my parents’ friends. Out of the car I could see two very beautiful dogs, running around. I did not know here exactly we were going, but when I realized we were going to the house where the dogs were from, I was very happy. And here we are near the hallowed home! but we were forbidden to leave the car without the owner of the dog! We had to wait for the master of these dark-brown dogs. And then he finally left home and headed towards our car! I was going to get out, but was stopped again. All this time these dogs with strange manes on their backs were circling around the car. No, they were not barking, just circling around us … and then the owner finally came to us. What happened later, seemed an outstanding example of training to me. The owner has asked my mom to leave the car, and then he turned to the dogs, who stood beside him, – “this is Luda,” he told them. He repeated that several times until the dogs turned away, losing interest to Luda. Same thing happened with my father. “This is Sasha”,- he told to the dogs. After hearing that, they moved away from my father. The rite was repeated in the same way for me. I was shocked by the intelligence of these beautiful creatures. However, I was not allowed to play with them as it was autumn, and the rain was falling. Annoyed, I went into the house ….

Next day I was walking across the area with my mom and the dogs’ owner. The dogs were called a long name which was too complex for me then – Rhodesian Ridgeback. While walking, we somehow missed the moment when my dad disappeared. It was very easy to get lost at that estate, as there was a forest, stables with a riding field and a pier. So, we lost my dad! My mother started to worry, but the owner of the beautiful dogs with a complicated name calmed her down, saying that these dogs will find him and bring back. Of course we did not quite believe him. But what was our surprise when after the words “Bring me Sasha” the crested dog ran away somewhere! Still, it was not easy to believe the dogs would find him, and certainly we did not hope the dogs would bring my father back to us! Well, it really seemed very difficult for the dogs, even for such beautiful and graceful ones as these. It took about 15-20 minutes, and then we just stopped in surprise and amazement! Out of the forest was the father, who was accompanied by a dog. Ahead of him, the bitch was running, now and then stopping and checking if he were coming! And after the dad the male dog was running, occasionally nudging him with the nose, when he was too slow.

“They brought him! They are the smartest dog in the world!” I yelled immediately after spotting them. When my father came, I asked him how the dog forced him to go after them? What did they do? How they showed him what they want? Here’s what he said – “When the dogs ran up to me, I was scared, because the dogs were large, and quite strange to me. But they were very friendly and worked as a team. The girl took me by the trouser leg and gently pulled forward, and the boy was gently pushing me from behind. And I realized that I should go after them. And so they brought me to you!”

I was amazed and charmed by them. That is was my first acquaintance with this beautiful breed!

And now, more than 10 years with the exciting meeting, I have my own piece of joy, fun, smiles and happiness! My Rhodesian Ridgeback girl came to me! She was born in Moscow, in a wonderful kennel “Podarok iz Afriki”. This baby just fascinated me! From the first second she knew that I was her mom! Baby was following my every step! It happens even now, when this beautiful baby is no longer a child but a grown-up, self-sufficient and very clever girl. We love her very much, and she answers us the same! And I have never regretted that I brought this red fortune home.