Why we?


We pay great attention to selective breeding. We select pairs according to health, pedigree, temperament and type. We create the perfect puppy Maanhaar Primo-Creatus. In order for the new families to have the best four-legged friend and family member in the world.


Growing for us is incredibly important. All puppies receive the highest quality nutrition to optimize growth and development. We raise all puppies equally and qualitatively, because it is the key to a long and healthy life.


Socialisation, from the time they receive their second vaccine puppies are taken out of the house with or without the other dogs to learn life on the road, meeting and greeting people, getting house training, interacting with other larger dogs and learning to be ready to do anything at anytime, for there is no time like the present!


Life long support and care, as Maanhaar Primo-Creatus puppy is a very special child for us. Our mission is never fully complete until we provide all the assistance the owners of our cherished beauties may need to fulfil their lives throughout puppyhood, into adulthood and older age.