Questionnaire to puppy buyers

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Where you find Maanhaar Primo-Creatus kennel? *

Why you chose Maanhaar Primo-Creatus kennel? *

Why have you decided to buy a Rhodesian Ridgeback? *

How did you hear about this breed? *

What reference materials have you read about Rhodesian Ridgeback? Books or links. *

Have you seen Ridgeback live? Where? Have you been in contact with Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs? *

Do you know this breed has a specific character? *

Do you live in a house or apartment, (if you rent a letter from your landlord will be required stating the dog will be allowed in your home). *

How big your house/flat? *

How long have you lived at this address? Do you plan change house in time? *

Is your yard completely fenced with secure fencing, if not, would you be willing to do so prior to bringing the puppy home? *

What type of fence and how high is it? *

How big is your yard? *

What kind of floor surfaces will the dog be on in the house? *

Please describe your family. *

Number of people, age of children. *

Employment schedule for each family member. *

Is there usually someone at home during the day? *

How much time per day will the puppy be alone? *

How much time during the day can you spend with your dog? *

Do you have enough free time for long walks with your puppy? *

Do all family members agree with buying a new puppy? *

Does everyone agree to help in growing and educating? *

Do any members of your family have any types of allergies? *

What breeds of dogs have you owned in the past? *

Tell me about your current pets. Please list all pets that are currently living in your household. Include the breed (if a dog) and ages. *

Are these other pets neutered? *

What sex are these pets? *

How long did your last pet live? *

What were the circumstances of its' death? *

Why you prefer female/male? *

Tell me please what is your vision about your life with a RR. *

Will your life change with the arrival of the Ridgeback? *

What sort of socialization / training do you intend to give your puppy to ensure it grows up with good manners? *

Is there any obedience classes held in your area that you would be willing to attend? *

What activities do you plan to be involved in with your RR? Walking in the woods, skiing, swimming, traveling, other? *

What type of activity level do you prefer in a dog? Very High / High / Moderately High / Moderate / Low *

Are you interested in the following - Family Pet/Companion Dog / Showing / Obedience and/or Performance Events / Plan to Breed / Something else? *

Imagine the approximate daily routine of your Rhodesian Ridgeback. *

How many hours a day will the puppy be kept outside? *

Will you be crating your puppy when he/she is home alone? *

Where will the puppy be kept while you are away from home? *

Where will the puppy be sleeping at night? *

When you are away on family vacations, who will look after the dog? *

What kind of feeding do you use, or plan use for your RR? *

Are you financially prepared for not only the cost of a puppy, but to have a veterinarian, feed your puppy the best dog food, obedience or show classes, emergency surgeries, etc.) *

If you have bought other puppies please list from whom they were purchased and could these breeders be used as a reference? *

Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder? If so, what were the circumstances? *

Have you ever given a pet away? If so, what were the circumstances? *

If your life situation changes and you have to give away a puppy, will you listen to the breeder? Will you return the puppy to the breeder to find a new home? *

Do you understand that a breeder cannot guarantee the complete health of a puppy in adulthood? Even considering healthy parents. *

Do you understand that insurance from 4 months will save you from unnecessary payments if the puppy has hidden diseases? *

Do you agree to trust the breeder? Listen to the breeder and his recommendations? Even if your veterinarian or someone else recommends the exact opposite? *

Are you willing to contact the breeder for any reason and with any questions? At any time of the day or night. *

Do you agree to pass all breed tests for a puppy at 24 months? There are many. It is important for my statistics, for the statistics of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Finland, and it should be important for you as well. *

If you have any additional questions to me?