Nika passed away 14.04.2023

Nika passed away yesterday 💔 🌈

Everything is so fast. Lightning fast. I don’t understand how this happened.

On the night of April 13-14, Nika started acting strange. She periodically pushed, as if giving birth again. Not often, not much. I thought about hormonal, and decided to take her to the clinic in the morning. Morning has come. Nika feels well, but does not stop pushing. I get an answer from my veterinarian – she is not in the country and I have to go and look for another clinic. I called a seemingly decent clinic in Mikkeli, explained the situation, told all the symptoms, asked if they could do an ultrasound and, if necessary, operate. They told me that they would do everything, come. And we left.

Right before leaving the house, Nika became really ill. She vomited, the fur stood on end. I was in a hurry. I arrived at the vet, and Nika had already refused to get out of the car. Only an hour away by car. Everything is so fast, lightning fast. The vets did an ultrasound, they said she had fluid, but we don’t know where that fluid came from, you have pyometra. They gave her a Ringer, a lot, and they said – “but we can’t operate on her, you have to go to Kuopio or to juvaskula or to kouvola. No, stop, you can’t go to kouvola, there is no surgeon there until night.” What do you mean there is no surgeon? How can you not operate on her? How can this even be??? I take Nika and go to other clinics in the city. My husband calls clinics that are nearby. I can’t believe no one in any clinic wanted to operate on her! All sent far, very far! But time goes by for minutes! We must save the life of a living being! When I arrived at the next clinic, Nika became even worse. She didn’t get up. Her tongue began to turn blue. And I realized that this is it. These are our last moments…

Nika was simply killed by medical indifference. How can you? How is this possible? To say – come, we will do everything, waste valuable time and eventually send us for an operation 200 km away! Why are you so cruel? You spent 2 hours of a dog’s life, so that in the end it would die not even in the clinic! Did you REALLY need that money? Blood money! You couldn’t honestly say right away – you have 2 options – to drive very quickly for 200 km and most likely she will die on the road or put her to sleep now! You gave me hope initially, and then sent us to die on the road! Doctors Mantuharju, Heinola, Mikkeli, Lahti Do you sleep well? You swore an oath! You learned to save animals, not to kill! I can not believe this! I just can not. None of the clinics wanted to fight for their lives. This is wild and cruel! The vets killed Nika!

Run, my beloved girl, it doesn’t hurt you anymore, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I didn’t save you, I’m sorry I didn’t find a doctor ready to help, I’m sorry!!! You were my favorite girl, always cheerful and happy, we spent so many bright and colorful days together … I can’t believe that you are no longer with me!

💔 Maanhaar Primo-Creatus Jata Made with Love From Noah “Nika” 💔
03/15/2018-04/14/2023 🌈💔🌈