Mirra is for Sale

I has available, kennelliitto registered 2 years old Rhodesian Ridgeback female – Mirra. Mirra album with many photos by these link

Mirra was born in a Swedish kennel Zambezi’s and imported to Finland in my kennel.

Very nice, friendly, not aggressive girl. Very active. Mirra loves frisbee and puller. Not very good at swimming but she tries very hard. She is very human focused. I don’t have any problems with Mirra. She loves to sleep on sofas and beds. Accustomed to the car and travel. Trained with create.

She needs to be taught to share toys. For balls and pullers or another toys she can be very selfish.

I feed her with dry food.

Mirra is in excellent health. No allergies.

Her genetic tests showed the carriage of certain diseases. As a breeder, this doesn’t work for my breeding programm.

In Mirra I see an incredible dog for sport! For professional sports.

Who am I looking for?

I am looking for very active people. Preferably without small children (Mirra’s activity is so high, I fear for accidental injury to children).
I’m looking for people who are willing to devote several hours a day to running with Mirra or playing Frisbee or puller, cycling, swimming….
The more active you are, the better.
Mirra cannot be long without activity.
I’m looking for people who agree be with me in contact 24/7. Who will come to me with any problems if they will come. On people who will trust to breeder.
If you are interested, please send me a message for more information.
Mirra is also given with a trial term of 1 month.